How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast: Effective and Fast Puppy Potty Training

Most puppy owners want to know how to potty train a puppy fast so that they can avoid accidents in their homes. The behavior of a puppy is unpredictable. As such, potty training a puppy can be a challenge. Our experts explain measures that should be followed to ensure fast potty training for every puppy.

Ensure that the puppy is taken out after eating

You can develop the toilet habit of the puppy quickly by taking it out after eating. Usually, a puppy will eliminate 10 to 15 minutes after meals. Therefore, taking the puppy out after meals will instill this habit of going potty outside in it. Consequently, chances of having the potty mess in your home will decrease. It is crucial that you have a consistent feeding schedule. The schedule introduces a strict routine to your puppy. The puppy will eventually learn to ease itself regularly while outside. Feeding and taking the puppy outside on regular basis will enable you to potty train the puppy faster.


It is important that you restrict the movement of the puppy in the house. Allowing the puppy to run freely in your home will lead to unwanted toilet mistakes. Ensure that your puppy knows the set boundaries. Have toilet and sleeping areas for the puppy. Designate a toilet area near the place where the puppy sleeps for easy transfer. Both areas should be fenced with baby gates. The toilet area should have newspapers and each piece should be removed slowly until the puppy learns how to eliminate at the right place. Training the puppy this way is effective and fast because puppies are able to distinguish their smells. The smell of urine or feces will compel the puppy to eliminate at the designated area constantly because the scent indicates the right place for the act.

Monitor the puppy closely

It is also important that you watch your puppy closely during the potty training process. Your puppy should be looked after constantly just like toddlers. Baby gates can be used to prevent puppies from wandering in a home which can lead to elimination at wrong places. With the help of the owner, a puppy learns to eliminate at the right place faster. Nevertheless, you should pay close attention to the puppy to notice signals and take the puppy to the toilet area immediately.

Praise and repetition

It is important that you ensure repetition and consistency while potty training the puppy. This is important because it trains the puppy to use the designated toilet area faster. Use the same location always and similar words to praise the puppy. This enables the puppy to associate the location and words with the act. Praising a puppy after eliminating at the right place is important because it enables the puppy to realize what is acceptable.

Generally, taking these measures make potty training a puppy fast easier. If you have always wanted to know how to potty train a puppy fast, try them out. Your puppy will learn how to eliminate at the right place faster than you might expect.